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You can find out about our exotic and notorious girls who love to throw a party for everyone in town the party is a secret the party is not the regular party you see it is a bedroom party which is the most brilliant and fun all of you are invited and you get to choose which bedroom diva is going to make your night sensational have the happening time you are most craving we bet this is better than the parties you throw and the birthday bashes you have had.

Aditi Arora in delhi escorts superb party

I was invited to a party once where there were men dressed in suits and the women were in sarees and dresses I was dressed in gold dress which was given to me as a gift by a guy who hired me as an Delhi Escorts to stay with him for the fun he needed to have in this party I needed to speak to people and tell them about the host and hostess I was free to speak to people about anything else but I had to help the people around in getting to know where they were and help them enjoy the party I was close to the host as I had stayed with him long ago now I was speaking to many men at the same time and I had to make sure that most of these end up booking me for the days and nights to come I was having a great time when I found a man who was following me and I asked why he had not been speaking to me I felt that he was shy but he was not really shy he just needed me to speak to him first I asked if he is alone or if I need to hide when his wife comes he said that he is single and I did not really buy it but I had no business knowing whether he was lying or speaking the truth he asked me to join him for fruits and I asked why he was not having anything else he suggested that I try a fruit diet which is what he is on I replied that I love to gorge on food so that I never feel hungry and I like to snack as well he asked how I stay fit and I said that I have a very dedicated trainer who takes care to remind me of when to have water and when to have food he is always there for me.

I just wanted to have a refreshment after this but I could not leave him so I asked him to have a drink with me and he said they will be served after dinner only I was so interested in having a drink right now but there was no way I felt like I had not had any water so he brought me juice and I found that this man was ready to spend lots of money on keeping me with him he asked me to stay with him for a month he said that he needs a companion for his business trip to singapore I said that one month is a very long time indeed and I should spend this time with him but for that he needs to stay in the best of hotels and not try to save cash anywhere he said that he is not short on cash ever and I must never find anything other than the best with him I felt that he could not even move his eyes and it was like they were stuck on me he asked me what boys I had been with so I told him about a boy who invited me to a hotel which was in a national park and I was scared to go there but he insisted that it was safe after that I put my arms around this man and kept talking about my experiences as an escort but I said that for me he is the only one to have time with and as long as I am with him I am dedicated to have him only and to make him feel loved.

Amanda found someone at office delhi

I rose up from my seat to have a coffee when I was on my desk and then I saw a boy who was very young my buttons were open and he was staring at my boobs the 2 buttons which were open showed enough cleavage to make him go gaga so then he asked me what I am doing tonight and I said that I will be free for him only but he has to dress very well and he said why do I need to dress I said I thought you are going to take me out for dinner first and then get down and dirty with heavy details on the intercourse part I know what you like because I have seen you watch some flicks he asked if I will be willing to fulfill all his fantasies and he said that I must wear very sexy clothes that he has gifted me last summer I said that I will be ready to eat him up like a wild animal and I will be making him feel all sorts of sensations that he has not felt he asked if I have slept with the boss and I said that I cannot reveal these stuff here as he is around us only he said that it is not like he has eyes on me only he asked why I cannot tell him everything that I have been hiding I thought that I was going to impressive him very well he said that he has been busy sleeping with Escorts in Delhi I said that this is the reason he loves to visit there for a trip and not for work I asked if I can meet them and what they are truly like then he showed me the photos he had of them nude and he told me I can also become one if I desire.

I thought he was joking about that but he was not as he gave the number where I could speak to one of them and I asked him if it is an agency or if I work independently he said that is Independent Escorts In Delhi and all of those girls are very independent and not through any agency and I have full choice over where I go and whom I meet I thought that I must be very careful in pursuing something like that he said that everyone gets bored doing such a job but women have a choice and I asked how he would rate my beauty and the way I am sexy he said that he would have to see that tonight and that later on he will be referring me to boys who are ready to be with me and easily I can get paid big and enjoy my life without having to do any job of the kind I do I felt that this opportunity will change my life but for now I had to get ready for him so I went home to take a look at my hot body and I saw that everything was perfect and I just used a good scrub and loofah with my shower gel to smell delicious and look amazing and this is how I was going to make him feel like he is with an escort who is going to provide Escorts Services In Delhi and I needed his honest opinion so that I could understand whether I can work as an independent escort or not he found me to be very sultry and sexy and passed compliments on every feature that I had.

Bani asked his boss out

I had been working in the sales department for a very long time and I needed to find something adventurous for me to get out of the lowly life that I led and I wanted to get away from my family and live independently I found that the boss I had was rather hot he was the manager and I was working here my salary was awesome but I did not want to continue being a sales representative as I could enjoy life far more if I was somewhere else and I could not figure where I should go from here to have the incredible life I was desiring it felt like it was far away from me but I could see that I really wanted to date my boss but I did not know where to go with him I asked him if he wants to go on a date so he agreed and he said that I am one of the few girls who have the bravery to ask him out I asked him to take me shopping first so I could dress well he took me to very large chain of stores where I found everything I was looking for I just felt so sexy being so close to him I asked him to pick lingerie for him and I got him to express what he feels while he looks at me I have been the centre of attention since I joined work here and everywhere I go people stare anyway so this was nothing new to me I felt that he would love to see me in the sexy attire that I was going to dress in.

I dressed as I went home and I asked my sister how I looked after that he arrived to take me out for dinner but I had other plans in mind little did he know that he was in for superb ecstasy I just needed him to really know that I was into other things and not a relationship as he might be assuming he knew that I am super sexy but I had no clue where I will be spending my night he told me he has met Call Girls in Delhi he said that he was looking forward to this for the eternity of time I felt that he needs to understand that I am not here to eat dinner but to have him as my snack I thought that there is no need for me to reveal right away what my thoughts are but I held his hand and stayed close to him as I felt that he would really take me home tonight he said that he will be dropping me home after dinner but I said that there is great hotel nearby or we can go to his place if he prefers that he was startled even though he had picked lingerie for me he felt that the romantic time that I had been hoping for has come and that we need to live with each other now so we went to his place to spend the time together and he said that I can stay here and then we made love and I picked my stuff from there quickly.

If you have any further question and any feedback, and special need that you would like to add and update in your all upcoming visit then youcan let me know and I would beensure to happening as per schedule of good times with you. I do look forward getting and making love with you. Looking forward to make love with you.